I am a freelance media specialist with a number of years experience in all areas of media production from radio presenting to film editing. I love creating new and innovative media artifacts  and I am very enthusiastic about developments in the world of internet television. My passions are presenting and editing and I am always on the look out for opportunities that give me the chance to do one or both of these abilities.

Feel free to have a look around this site where you can find examples of my work, my thoughts on the world and also a blog for my radio show.


Latest News & Developments

Jan 7th 2014

Happy New Year!

This year I am focussing on finding more freelance opportunities and also looking for full time work in media production and social media publicizing.

29th November

Celebrating 10 years on Eve Radio tonight join the show for the return of an old favourite.

17 November

Started working on I’m a Celebrity, unfortunately not in the jungle, but in a researcher role here in the UK.

Oct 11th

The radio show has now gone back to three hours and has been rebranded, mostly the same but longer, better, harder… faster!

Check it out here!

8th August

Checkout @MissSunBoutique on Twitter… or click here for their Facebook.

26th July

The website is completed and running now… Misssunshine Boutique.

I have stayed on working freelance for the company to streamline their business practices and combine all their sales outlets in their back office. I will also be working on promoting them on social media.

21st April

Started working on a big E-Commerce site that will keep me busy for the next few months, I’ll link on here when it’s all up and running.

Miss Sunshine FB Pic

17th March

St Patricks Day Mash-Up

Here is a new mash-up video that I developed for DJ Schmolli which he has added to his You Tube Page…

1st January

JJ Media is now launched, supplying affordable media production to all. Check out the website.

JJ Atari

31st October

Halloween sees the release of ‘How to be Dead.” A short film created as a pilot for a new TV series. I worked as Assistant Director in a very tight and well organised team. I was made very welcome but a group that had clearly worked together on a number of projects previously. The Director Lara Greenway has just worked on two features, Hard Boiled Sweets and Deviation, starring Danny Dyer.The screenplay was created by Dave Turner who won the Best Screenplay award at the 2011 London Screenwriters’ Festival with his short film script ‘Everything You Need’.

20th October

Only a few days until the release of How to be Dead and I have discovered that the trailer has been completed for ‘The Page turner,’ the last project I worked on for Blackbull Productions.

3rd October

Completed the showreel for Blackbull Studios which I was commissioned to make for their new website which is currently in production.

1st October

Trailer released for How to Be Dead, looks really groovy very excited to see the final cut of the show on Halloween.

18th September

Just wrapped on pilot for a new series How to be Dead, being produced by Brave Soldier Films.
Fantastic two day shoot where I was working as 1st AD. I was also needed to fill in as an emergency ambulance drivers for the last scene, very exciting I had lines and everything.

3rd August
Finished shooting Lucky, a short film developed by Blackbull Productions for Central Film School.
Working as the production coordinator I had to wear many hats. In pre-production I was involved in casting, budgeting and organising the shoot on location and in the studio. On set I worked on setting up the lights, as I have lighting experience, and generally keeping the production running smoothly… this did involve organising coffee at 3a.m. for the entire team. I also organised recording of the shoot to create a making of for the studio in post production. I will upload that on here when it is completed, nut for now here are some pics from the set.

Lucky Taxi Lucky Helping Lucky Longshot

28th April
Final university project finished and uploaded.

Mash-Up Fairytales is a site aimed at children aged 8-12, mixing together well known fairy-tales into new exciting stories. For the project I created entirely new stories featuring existing fairy-tale characters. I then recorded these as with another voice actress into podcasts and created a website to encompass the whole project I also created a flash text randomiser to allow the children to create their own exciting mash-up fairy-tale stories. The website is available here…
12th April
Completed showreel featuring work completed over the last few years and added it to the Video Section.
30th March
Completed my online portfolio featuring the body of my work, which is obvious as you are here… there are a number of different sections which are available from the toolbar in the header. The video section will shockingly show the body of my video work and the audio section will show my audio work. I do maintain a blog which you can visit, I use it in a number of ways, firstly as an accompaniment to my online radio show and secondly as a place to critique the world around me. If you wish to get in touch with me there are a number of ways all of which are available in the contact section.


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